Hey yo whats up everybody, this is the end of 2013 and I gonna "review" everything what's happened this year...yay. First this was a really bad year in Belgium...and the world so let's start with Nelson Mandela, I don't gonna say who it is because EVRYPBODY nows who it is...if you don't shame you man shame you... Give respect for him guys but why In this year...because the chance that the last Flemish song he should have hear is our Belgian theme song...and I don't gonna tell why it is so just should now that. And it was REALLY bad weather this year first to manny snow then too manny sun and now only rain (ew rain) and we can't play in rain...(memo to myself only I don't do that...) and from every Belgian there ware just 11 or 12 guys who have manny success and that ware the Red Devils (they really start with success in 2014...anyway let's talk about Disney you now that little Disney star out Hanna Montana is started with cut her hair of and started to be a bad girl...if you can see her tongue is a sort alien who want to breakout her mounth and with her clip wrecking ball she becomes more populair then...idk who... Okay let's think about the 4 biggest hits this year okay first we have wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus, gentle men of psy, Macklemore-thrifts hop and what does the fox say? From ylvis And I have killed more than 1000 gta5 But there is an economic crisis and horse meat cost less "euro" then cow meat so there ware guys who put horse meat in lasagne on February,say sorry to saint Nikola (an European who bring GIFTS yay) ... We eat his horse we ban his slaves and if there's more the next saint should be hyves...let's start over rest in peace Nelson Mandela See ya in my next blog